Ideas to Kick Off the New Year Right

at 4:56 pm

The New Year is almost here and if you’re like most, you have set your goals and ready to make the coming year better than ever. With 2020 being such a challenging year, it’s even more important to kick off the new year and set the tone for 2021.

One thing I like to do is SET A THEME. I set “Go Big in 2013” the year I acquired EMI. I set “15 and Fierce” the year I expanded my portfolio of services. And, I have big growth plans for EMI and for my second venture, so our theme for next year is Get It In 21!

A few tips when creating a theme:

  • Involve your team. This will tie them to the theme and energize the effort.
  • Make sure your theme helps you reinforce your goals throughout the year.
  • Set something you can drill back to for motivation, when the going gets tough.
  • Have fun. Be informal and bring humor and personality to the process.

Here are a few more ideas to kick off the New Year with your business:

  • ALIGN WITH YOUR CLIENT GOALS. Many are pursuing transformations in 2021, both personally and in their business. Stay top of mind by aligning your marketing efforts with the goals of your clients.
  • REVIEW YOUR VISION STATEMENT. With the past 12-months being so unusual and businesses pivoting in reaction to COVID, it’s a great time to review your vision statement to see if there are changes that need to be make in light of the new realities.
  • UPDATE YOUR BRANDING. It’s difficult to stay on top of your messaging and branding elements throughout the year, like websites, presentations and other assets. Take the time at the start of the year with a review and refresh.
  • EVALUATE YOUR CONTENT PLAN. Pull and review your knowledge assets and review what you published in the past year (i.e., blogs, social, sales materials, email marketing.) What produced the highest ROI and expand on those efforts in the new year.
  • MAKE INTERNAL NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. You’ve spent time developing your strategy for the new year but don’t forget about your team members. Create a forum where employees set and share 3 resolutions for themselves relating to how they can be happier and do better work.

If you found this blog helpful and would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me at or (513) 309-0719. Wishing you and your business a prosperous 2021!