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I can say for sure that the [program] has definitely helped in setting appointments. In terms of reaching out to folks who have never heard of us it’s very much a cold call. To be able to supplement an introductory formal email with a [published] piece has been really helpful…it has augmented our process of connecting with people.”


I have had the good fortune to be interviewed many times… and I have had countless mentions and articles over the years that attempt to summarize the spirit of what I/we do for our clients. No writer has ever captured the essence of my group better than you just did. Thank you – this was an outstanding article; your work is greatly appreciated.”


I’ve gotten a tremendous response…This month I’ve received 8 new client referrals (normally average about 2). 3 of the 8 are doctors. One doctor told me that he has an advisor that he likes but “he wants to be with the best.” If it is possible to do it again…, I would be interested.”