Our programs are affordable and diverse and designed to meet our clients where they are in the marketing journey. We have structured each program to leverage our clients’ current marketing assets while refreshing, revising or building what’s needed to meet the demanding market and their client expectations.

Our clients are practitioners in their firms, like us, and we understand the demands of growing the business as you manage the business. Therefore, all of our programs were created with turnkey systems and processes to allow our client to focus on their core and allow us to do what we do best – care and elevate our clients’ brands and generate leads.

Competitive Differentiation


Expand your firm’s reach. Be top of mind with your target audience. Position your firm as a trusted resource. Stand out from your competition. Gain awareness as to how your firm is viewed by your prospects & clients.

Program Components & the Benefits to Your Business

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Acquire & Nurture


Expose your firm to new prospects. Engage your prospects and build loyalty with your current clients. Acquire & deploy strategies that will fill your funnel. Adopt a systematic way of growing your business.

Program Components & the Benefits to Your Business

  • Well before the first conversation, your prospects have researched you and your firm, even those that have been referred to you. They’ve drawn conclusions about your expertise, services and ability to meet their needs. Auditing the effectiveness of your Website, Social Media Accounts, and Google Analytics provides a foundation for your digital strategy moving forward. Knowing where you are allows you to know where you should be headed, and choose the areas which will provide the greatest ROI initially to improve and expand.
    *The recommendations provided to clients of COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION will apply to this program.

  • Tap into subject matter experts on action strategies for your website, social and email marketing. Learn how you can gain better ROI with content marketing and increase your conversions with calls to action, lead gen funnel efforts and conversion tracking capabilities. Receive recommendations and suggestions to optimize those platforms.

  • Content marketing is essential to showcasing your expertise and engaging your audience. Each month you will receive two (2) blogs to post to your website, push to your social channels and activate in an email newsletter. You will also receive a monthly, custom written article in an executive Q&A format. All content is formatted for multi-use, like chunking for social media and aggregated for monthly newsletter.

  • Your brand matters, and a custom email template provides a solid branded platform for you to gain recognition with prospects and stay top of mind with your current clients. Your branded email template will showcase your blog content and executive Q&A each month.

  • To ensure success with your monthly email newsletter and your prospecting efforts, it’s essential that a data model is created and managed properly. We will work with you and your current systems and lists detailing your key contacts, prospects and clients to build a data model that will accurately deliver your email communications. This model will also relate to website forms and opt ins throughout your program.

  • Google dominates the search market, and a free Google Business listing is a vital means of reaching potential new customers. Clean up your listing, and be sure you are at the top of search results – without the cost of paid search ads! Make sure you can be found and contacted easily by prospects.

  • You can focus on your core business and allow us to manage and distribute your entire newsletter process. We make it simple for you by handling the timelines, project management, content development, design, programming and distribution.

  • Marketing your firm is an ever-evolving effort. Regular data and analytics reporting enables you to react and respond from a client development or sales perspective. It also allows you to see what is working and what isn’t, so we can focus efforts in the areas that will bring the best results. Quarterly reviews will include topics such as top website/landing pages, most engaged content and the profiles of who is engaging with your firm the most.

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