Don’t Have a Marketing Person or Plan? No Problem.

at 2:04 pm

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to talk with small- to mid-sized professional services firms across industries about their most pressing issues in growing their business. Of course, a lot of the conversation involved the challenges relating to COVID; However, the majority came down to two needs.

How do I cut through the marketing clutter and reach more prospects?


How do I engage my prospects while not forgetting my current clients?


For a business with dedicated marketing staff and expertise, these challenges can be addressed with a comprehensive marketing strategy and a good budget, but if you are a small- to mid-size business, it’s likely that neither exist. This is certainly the case for the businesses I talk with, and as an owner/operator/business leader over the past 20 years, I can relate.

Taking the sum total of my learnings from the businesses I talked with and strategically partnering with a top digital growth agency, Sound Press, we have built turnkey, affordable marketing programs to solve for these two most pressing issues. You do not need dedicated marketing staff. You do not need to develop and deploy a marketing plan. With our programs, you get the benefit of outsource marketing talent and a marketing plan designed to solve for your firm’s priority marketing needs.

  • To solve the problem of how to cut through the marketing clutter and reach more prospects, our Competitive Differentiation program helps you can reach top prospects in your market and gain exposure to your target audience. This program is an 8-month program that positions your firm as a trusted resource and uniquely positions you in the market. Additionally, you will gain awareness as to how your firm is viewed by your prospects and your clients, as well as recommendations for better positioning.
  • To solve the problem of how you can engage your prospects while not forgetting your current clients, our Acquire & Nurture program will help you gain exposure to new prospects, deepen your relationship with your current prospects, and build loyalty with your clients. This program is a 12-month program where you will acquire & deploy strategies that will fill your funnel. This program offers a systematic method to grow your business.


Planning and budget season is winding down for 2021 and you likely have your growth plan in draft form, if not final. It is the perfect time to learn more about how our programs can cut through the clutter and reach more prospects or engage your prospects while not forgetting your current clients.

Let our 60 years of combined experience in marketing and sales drive your program’s results and save you money. Know that we are able to bring this program to you at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing these services by packaging and leveraging our expertise, systems & efficient processes.