At EMI Network, we believe passionately that everything you do matters, so we work to make every initiative—every interaction—truly meaningful.

We capture the attention of your target audience by crafting remarkable content, creating engaging design, and strategically and uniquely reaching your prospects – on and offline.

And our 360-degree creative solutions make us your one-stop marketing hub, powered by our experienced client care team that centralizes and simplifies project management from start to finish.
EMI Network cares for and grows your brand so you can focus on your business.

We’ve been developing content to connect clients to their target audiences for more than three decades—before anyone else was using the term “content marketing.”

Our editorial excellence led to partnerships with renowned publishers such as Forbes and Conde’ Nast that enable us to offer regionalized profiles and thought leadership opportunities for
clients. This targeted media exposure provides clients with multimedia solutions and coveted brand alignment.

“Our ELT team really enjoyed this article.  Many thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and hear who I am, in writing this piece.  I think my clients will
love it, and it should improve my brand.”
 – Phil – Wealth Advisor

“Wow I freaaaaaking Love It! BRAVO WELL WELL DONE.” David – Senior Financial Advisor

“The profile looks great!  I approve!!!  By the way, if you ever need a reference letter from a very satisfied client, please let me know.” Howard – Attorney &Founding Partner

“I just had the most wonderful conversation…This is our third time we have worked with [this client].  She gushed that the copywriter captured the essence of her company beautifully— “she captured what was in my heart”, “the essence of my company”.  She also had stellar things to share about the project manager.
She raved about our team and how wonderful it is to work with us EVERYTIME!!! I am so proud of our team!!! EMI Account Executive’s conversation with DeJonnette – Environmental Consultant and Business Owner