An Unexpected Second Act

Mike Phillips’ retirement “hobby” quickly grew into a lucrative professional endeavor.

‘You Need to Be a Little Bit Crazy’

David Chang has changed the global culinary game by sticking to what he believes in.

The Over-under on Advertising

When it comes to ads, your brand’s promise needs to be right on the mark.

From Fun Project to Thriving Online Shop

As soon as she paid off her student debt, Kristin Berry made good on her dream.

Thank Dog! Franchisees Find Fulfillment

They fell in love with Camp Bow Wow as customers, and then as business owners.

Grilling Guru on Fire about Work and Family

Clint Cantwell left behind a high-stress PR career to forge his own path around his passions.

What Drives EMI? Our 4 Core Values

These guiding principles make EMI Network an awesome employer and partner.

Fitpacking: From Cubicle to Contentment

Steve Silberberg left his job at an investment firm to build a business based on his passions.

As an Online Trainer, She Found the Perfect Fit

Julie Lohre turned her love of fitness into a career that allows her to help women around the world achieve their goals.

‘Stay True to Your Principles’: Tracy Anderson

She’s built her brand by remaining focused on her core mission: helping clients find balance.

Women’s Words of Wisdom

To mark Women’s History Month, we’re sharing the words of wisdom we’ve gathered from some amazing women.

If You Bend It, They Will Come

Jenny Wong-Stanley’s obsession with wood bending started as a hobby but became a thriving business.

Chicago Cubs’ Vine Line Celebrates 30 Years

Vine Line magazine is celebrating its 30th year of bringing fans all the best insider information.

EMI Network Teams with United’s Hemispheres

United Airlines’ in-flight magazine provides worldwide exposure for top law firms.

Inspiring a New Generation of Fitness Lovers

Ethel Baumberg’s FLYAROO Fitness focuses on combatting childhood obesity.

It’s the Message that Matters

Once you’re in front of your audience, what are you going to say?

‘Everything You Do Matters’

Lisa Lickert, EMI Network’s president and Chief Energy Officer, shares the philosophy that inspires her.

Summer’s Almost Here (in Savory Magazine)

Reserve your advertising placement today in the “All-American Summer” issue of Savory.

Insiders of the Outdoors: Gociety

For Anna Thielke, being laid off from her magazine job opened the door to a new adventure: entrepreneurism.

5 Content Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

Here are five ways manufacturers can capitalize on content marketing trends.

6 Tips to Optimize your Print Media Spending

Print remains an integral piece of your marketing plan. Here’s how to get the most for your money.

Content Marketing for Healthcare Innovators

Here are five essentials to deploying a successful content marketing program.

Free Data Tools You Can Use Today

Here’s a look at some social and digital measurement tools available to you at no cost.

How PR Can Give Your Content Wings

Here are three ideas for promoting your premium content to the wider world.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Video

Video has become a must-have component to any successful marketing program.

3 Reasons Sales Doesn’t Use Your Content Marketing

Lack of alignment, ineffective content and poor training can lead to a frustrating disconnect.

Tying Digital Metrics to Your Pipeline

Here are the only measurements that truly matter to your business’ bottom line.

Don’t Make These Content Marketing Mistakes

Are you steering off course and into the low-ROI ditch? Avoid these potholes to stay on track.

Not Seeing ROI on your Content Marketing?

Here are three issues to consider as you analyze and improve your content marketing efforts.

EMI a Finalist for WE Celebrate Award

EMI Network honored by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber in the Woman-Owned Business category.

5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Marketing Firm

Does your business struggle with marketing? Here’s how to know when to invest in outside help.

Marketing Budget Stress? Here’s Help

Here’s a look at the tools and tactics to consider as you build your marketing budget for the coming year.

3 Ways Video Can Boost Business

Webinars, explainer videos and demos or tutorials can help you drive conversions from your brand’s website.

Digital Marketing Metrics that Really Matter

Don’t drown in a sea of data. Track and analyze what’s most relevant to your business goals.

Client Spotlight: Caring Transitions

EMI Network breathed new life into Caring Transitions’ logo and website, generating an uptick in business leads through online forms.

Why Advertorial Shouldn’t be a Dirty Word

Is advertorial right for your business? Here are four factors to consider.

EMI One of Cincy’s Best Places to Work

EMI Network is thrilled to be named a finalist in the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Best Places to Work competition.

The About Us Page: An Overlooked Tool

Here’s how to make your About Us page a tool that engages prospects and supports business development.

9 Tips for Savvy SEO

Google handles 40,000 searches every second! Can your prospects find you?

Client Spotlight: Xcelerate Solutions

The company’s profile in Forbes magazine has been “a great recruiting tool,” CEO says.

Why You Should Market When Business is Good

Every business should constantly be marketing and selling, even when business is good. Here are five reasons why.

Content Pillars for Leaders in Law

Here are four content marketing ideas for legal professionals to support referrals and drive new business.

Triple Threat: Owned, Paid and Earned Media

Understanding owned, paid and earned media is imperative to designing the right marketing mix for your business.

Take Us Out to the Ball Game

A Reds-Cubs matchup on a beautiful night made for a perfect company outing.

3 Ways Video Can Put a Face on Your Brand

Video provides both intimacy and immediacy and gives consumers a sense of not just what a company does but who that company is.

4 Truths about Content Marketing

Here’s what you need to know to make content marketing work for you.

A Content Marketing Powerhouse: Forbes Custom Business Marketplace

EMI Network clients have exclusive access to the Forbes Custom Business Marketplace, a powerful tool for generating leads through content and digital marketing.

Client Spotlight: The WealthKare Investment Center

After teaming with EMI Network to appear in Forbes magazine, “We’re seeing a higher level, a higher quality, of client,” says Bruce Smith III.

EMI Network a Finalist for Goering Center Award

EMI Network is thrilled to be a finalist for a Goering Center Family & Private Business All-Star Award for the second year in a row.

4 Keys to Brand-building Web Design

Here’s how your business can take advantage of easy-to-use technology without compromising your brand’s unique personality.

How to Create an Irresistible E-newsletter

Here are five crucial points for planning a new e-newsletter or refining your current offering for clients and prospects.

Native Advertising: Why It Matters to Your Brand

The latest trend in marketing means high-quality content and targeted channels are more important than ever.

3 Reasons Why Print Still Matters

The most successful marketing strategies include a print component to reach and engage top business prospects.

By the Book: Here’s What We’re Reading

Our team is one of diverse interests and passions. Here’s a sampling of what we’re reading right now.

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Financial Services Firms

Here are four ways financial advisors can put content to work for them.

4 LinkedIn Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

For better or for worse, the way you use LinkedIn speaks volumes about your personal brand. Make sure you’re telling the right story.

Digital Marketing Musts for Entrepreneurs

Staying up to date on digital marketing trends is the only way small businesses can survive. Here are 6 things you need to know.

How to View Content from Your Customers’ Eyes

As you schedule and structure your content marketing, focus on your prospects’ buying cycle and motivations.

Client Spotlight: Global View Capital Management

Dina Fliss partners with EMI Network to help grow Global View’s footprint by leveraging the power of Forbes.

Community Involvement Part of EMI’s DNA

EMI Network is committed to our communities, as individuals and as a company.

How to Drive Lead Generation with Content Marketing

Here are three ways to ensure your content marketing efforts get real results for you and your sales team.

How Not Using Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

Here are 9 reasons to embrace social media for the good of your bottom line.

How to Create Buyer Persona Templates

The first step to boosting sales is understanding the audience to whom you’re marketing.

Straight From Google-Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

Straight from Google developers: When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results.

3 Deadly Brand Sins—and How to Avoid Them

Maintaining updated creative and digital assets preserves your brand equity and creates a strong, trustworthy corporate identity.

8 Easy Ways to Leverage your Forbes Profile

Your profile in Forbes magazine is a powerful digital marketing tool. These eight best practices will help you maximize your return on investment.

Client Spotlight: Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc.

DeJonnette Grantham King, president of Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc., says EMI Network “captured the essence” of her company.

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing [Free Webinar Series]

Join EMI Network Vice President of Digital Strategy Kendra Ramirez for eight 45-minute sessions that will give you the foundation you need to create a successful, profitable digital marketing strategy for your business.

Leadership Reflection: 2 Key Words

EMI Network President and CEO Lisa Lickert recalls the simple, crucial phrase she learned from her mentor.

10 Reasons to Blog

A blog is a crucial tactic to support your overall content marketing strategy. So even if your traffic is low, don’t give up!

A Source of Inspiration

The goal of our EMI Network blog is to inform and inspire readers, so we’d like to share some of the influences that have inspired our team over the years.

‘Have Fun, Be Yourself and Go for It’

In celebration of Women’s History Month, EMI Network President and CEO Lisa Lickert reflects on her definition of success.

5 Tips for Driving Revenue Digitally

Kendra Ramirez presents a free webinar that will empower you to improve your digital marketing efforts and see bottom-line results.

A 3-step Plan for Building a Content Calendar

Creating a well-planned, documented schedule is the first piece of ensuring the success of your content marketing initiatives.

Play ball! Vine Line, Cubs ready for spring training

As the Chicago Cubs’ custom publishing partner, EMI Network will have its Vine Line team covering the action at spring training.

5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Business

Download this free webinar, presented by EMI Network Director of Digital Strategy Kendra Ramirez, to learn LinkedIn basics, as well as how to apply social media strategies to your overall marketing and business development efforts.

Gratitude and Celebration

Our open house was the perfect way to mark our new beginnings, and we’re thankful to the members of the Cincinnati business community who came out to support us.

New Brand, New Blog, New Beginning

EMI Network’s core purpose is growing and caring for our clients’ brands, and our rebrand, new site and new blog are designed to communicate that commitment.

Inside the Anatomy of Great Content

Content is living, breathing and evolving just as its creators and consumers are. So when you think about the anatomy of a great post, it can help to approach things from a literal standpoint.

Content Marketing: Another Way of Making Friends

The idea of content marketing can be daunting if your core business isn’t marketing, public relations or advertising. But fear not! If you know how to build relationships, you’re already poised for success.